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Research topic: The Study of Ecological Succession and Ecological Service in Dashanbao Plateau Wetland Ecosystems, China. By Gao Fu
研究主题:大山包高原湿地生态系统演替过程和生态系统服务功能研究  (高富)

Photo 1: Corner snapshot of the Dahaizi-reservoir in the Dashanbao plateau wetland natural reserve.
Additional information of Photo 1: A reservoir serves as one of the important water-supply sources, this plateau wetland area is considered as one of the water suppliers for the Zhaoyang citizens.

Photo 2: Folk house in the Dashanbao plateau wetland natural reserve.
Additional information of Photo 2: Local residents who live in the concerned area are still nearly living by a poverty condition. The conflicts between natural conservation and economic development are competitive. Some scientific solutions and developing strategies, thus, should be detected to solve these present challenges.

Photo 3: Hydrophytic plant community in the Dashanbao plateau wetland natural reserve.
Additional information of Photo 3: Plant communities, serving with their fundamental components of the wetland ecosystem, were concerned as one of the principal study objectives of the procedures of ecological successions. More than ten sample quadrats were conducted, the vegetation history of this plateau wetland ecosystem should have been described in the nearby future.

Photo 4: Community Sparganium simplex in the Dashanbao plateau wetland natural reserve.
Additional information of Photo 4: Community Sparganium simplex, one of the important plant community types in a concerned area, of which mainly appears in one of the upstream river systems, has been regarded as providing various, specific ecological functions in this entire wetland ecosystem.

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